At Thinkout, we provide customized consulting solutions based on your unique requirements. Whether you simply need a new strategic direction, brand marketing, website design,development, or simply new content, copy written, we take a high level approach of your needs and provide the guidance and tools to take your business to the next level.

Below are examples of some of the types of  strategic projects we deliver for our clients.

Strategic Operations Audit
Thinkout assesses the role technology plays in driving operational efficiencies. We review your Internet and eBusiness initiatives as well as opportunities with other departments to reduce costs, create additional value and streamline operations. We also review your organizational structure to ensure it effectively supports new processes across the company.  During the Strategic Operations Audit, Thinkout will work closely with members of your team to identify opportunities and set specific goals for improvement.

Strategic Plan Development
With the Strategic Operations Audit as Ground Zero, we work with your team across functional areas to obtain valuable input and buy-in before developing actionable plans. The Strategic Plan identifies the necessary path to achieve the goals identified in the Strategic Operations Audit. This plan of action will include the necessary initiatives and timing for implementing new teams, technologies, processes, marketing, and communication. We also provide guidance on key measures for tracking success.

Organizational Resource Audit
We are experts in building teams with the critical experience and personal characteristics to get the job done.  We will work with you to determine the skills needed to build your business, and together we will devise an organizational plan across functional teams.  We will assist Human Resources with recruiting strategies to align the business structure and team members with the goals of the division and company.