Below are examples of some of the types of projects we deliver for our clients.

Integrated Marketing Planning
Based upon established goals, Thinkout will recommend, conduct and manage appropriate research methods to define market and customer segments and devise marketing strategies.  From this analysis, we develop tactical plans integrated across product management, IT, customer care, and marketing communications. In some cases, we serve as our client’s outsourced marketing department and manage the execution of these plans.

Marketing plans may include

  • Market Research
    • Primary research telephone, online, focus groups, mail, mystery shopper
      Branding and naming recommendations
    • Secondary research using our access to proprietary research neetworks
  • Email marketing plans
  • Online advertising, both display and text
  • SEO and keyword strategies
  • Content marketing
  • Video strategies
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social Media programs
  • Analytics and measurement
  • Retention approaches
  • Customer care training
  • Public relations

Web Site Strategic Audit
Thinkout will assess how well your site supports its revenues goals and delivers a consumer experience worthy of your brand. We will conduct usability tests to determine the optimal navigation and recommend how to best organize your site for the best results. We also analyze competitors’ sites in order to view their strengths and weaknesses as a benchmark for your site. By analyzing the competition and thoroughly reviewing your site, we recommend best in class practices for improving your site’s performance and appeal. We will also provide guidance on new technology selection.